Östersunds FK brilliantly trolled Arsène Wenger on Twitter, after Arsenal revealed their last-32 Europa League clash would be against the Swedish side in a cold climate.

Arsenal drew Östersunds in the Europa League last-32 draw on Monday, and tweeted the Swedes “see you soon” in anticipation for next year’s meeting.

ÖFK then took the opportunity to poke fun at Arsène Wenger’s infamous problems with his long zipper jackets, while admitting the European encounter will be very cold:

Arsenal fans pointed out that Östersunds weren’t lying. Compared to the Jamtkraft Arena in February, a cold night in Stoke is a walk in the park.

Over the next nine days, four of them have snow predicted, and it could see temperatures of -9 degrees Celsius during the day.

The average temperature on February 15 at 5:30pm is -5 degrees, further lowered by wind and rain. The Gunners play at 6pm, so that’s probably our best estimate of the conditions.

So, OFK may be joking around, but if I were Arsène Wenger, I’d take their advice about a winter coat pretty seriously. Hopefully the players can handle the conditions too.