Contrary to what Arsene Wenger said, Alexis Sanchez did return to Chile for Christmas, according to reports.

There seems to have been a misunderstanding about the whereabouts of Alexis Sanchez over Christmas.

Arsene Wenger told the press that the Chilean was indeed in Paris, but only to visit his family.

“We had two days off on the 24th and 25th that was public, but he did not go to Chile,” Wenger told
“He met his family somewhere but not in Chile.”

However, are reporting that Alexis did return to Chile over Christmas, and was only in Paris to board a connecting flight back to England.

Wenger could have been misinformed about the situation, or there could be something going on behind the scenes.

The Metro suggests he returned home against the club’s wishes.

If that’s the case, one can only assume that the club didn’t want Alexis travelling too far when he needed to be preparing for a game on the 28th of December.

As far his future in concerned, where he was during Christmas should hardly matter.

The situation hasn’t changed from the summer. Him leaving in the summer feels inevitable.

Him supposedly going to Chile and causing dressing room splits hasn’t lead to him being dropped from the starting eleven.

That might suggest there isn’t much of an issue behind the scenes as reported.