You can always rely on Mesut Ozil to find new, creative ways to show up his Arsenal teammates in public and the playmaker’s nutmeg on Danny Welbeck ahead of the Crystal Palace clash is a prime example.

After the Arsenal lads had finished their warm up at Selhurst Park on Thursday evening, Ozil managed to pull off an impressive nutmeg on Welbeck.

However, Ozil being Ozil meant that it wasn’t your average nutmeg.

As Arsenal’s Instagram story shows, the 29-year-old dribbled the ball from the pitch towards the dressing room with Welbeck backing away, anticipating the German’s next move. Well… trying to.

However, before the striker had a chance to react, Ozil kicked the ball off an advertising board and it rolled between Welbeck’s legs.

You know when Ozil scores by kicking the ball off the ground so it draws the goalkeeper’s attention to the floor before bouncing over him and into the net? It was the nutmeg version of that.

The midfielder went on to have another fantastic match during Arsenal’s chaotic 3-2 win over Palace. He made four key passes, had a shot on target and completed two dribbles. However, more than that, he drove the Gunners’ attack forward.

When he’s in this form, we’re a different team.

More importantly, it’s great to see Ozil enjoying himself both on and off the pitch.