Pep Guardiola is reportedly set to put plans to sign Alexis Sanchez in January on hold in favour of signing a defender and Manchester City fans are over the moon.

Guardiola reportedly wants to concentrate on maintaining squad harmony this season instead of signing Alexis.

City made a £60m deadline day move for the Chilean. However, it fell through because Arsenal couldn’t secure the signature of his replacement, Monaco winger Thomas Lemar due to how late City left it to finally make a move. It as almost as if they hoped to deprive Arsenal of their best player while ensuring Wenger couldn’t replace him.

Now, apparently, City want to concentrate on bolstering their defence in January by signing a centre-back, such as Southampton’s Virgil van Dijk, and will put their interest in Alexis to one side.

The 29-year-old is, reportedly, too big a character to bring on board mid-season.

alexis sanchez west ham
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City fans seem pretty relieved with the decision as they know they need a new defender as a priority.

“Good,” said one City fan on Reddit. “I’m actually not too hot about the idea of Alexis on the squad. Would rather save that money for center or half backs. Or even a back up for Dinho.”

“At this point Alexis would be spinner rims on an already tricked out Cadillac that has loose brakes,” another added. “Spend money on the brakes first. Then get the spinners.”

Most City fans see Alexis as an added extra. First they need to strengthen their weaker positions, then they can look at signing him, potentially on a free in the summer.

“We are in a s**t situation regarding left-back,” said one fan.

To which another replied, “It really is bad. I can sympathise with Pep here. Delph has been playing so good and if he remains fit, then we don’t need anyone.

“Plus Mendy will be back in April or May.

“However, if Delph’s out for even one game and that happens to be a major fixture (let’s say CL QF), then we’re well and truly f**ked.

“And we can’t just hoard top quality players because squad harmony is a very fragile thing.

“Even right now, reports from reliable journalists indicate that Bravo, Danilo and Aguero are not particularly happy with Pep. It’s a tough call.”

Interestingly, I’m no longer as certain as I was a few months ago that Alexis will sign for City. The forward has been poor this season and it could work against him.

Do they even genuinely still want him after watching him go on a season-long strop?