Manchester City need to win the league unbeaten and in style if they want to be considered alongside the Invincibles, according to Dietmar Hamann.

So far, City have made it to the half-way point of the season without losing a game.

Even more impressively, they’ve only dropped points once, to Everton, in August.

Unsurprisingly, the comparisons to Arsenal’s 2003/04 Invincible side have already begun.

However, Hamann says it’s too difficult and too early to compare the sides.

He told Squawka: “We go back 12-15 years to the ‘Invincibles’ and it’s very hard to compare teams from different eras, so I wouldn’t like to compare them.

“But if [Man City] want to be remembered as a better team than the ‘Invincibles’, I think they’ve got to obviously go unbeaten in the first place, but they’ve got to do it in style as well because that Arsenal team, for me, is the best team the Premier League has seen over the past 20-25 years or in fact since the Premier League started.

“So I think it will be a huge task, for me, to remember them as better than that Arsenal team. That was a special team.”

That’s the thing many supporters forget when discussing Arsenal’s last title-winning side. They went the whole season unbeaten, which was an incredible feat, but they also did it playing beautiful football.

Often they seemed to glide from one end of the pitch to the other with incisive counter-attacks.

It was the pinnacle of Wenger’s footballing philosophy, and will take some matching never mind beating.

Right now, Manchester City are taking teams apart in a similar way, but they have to keep that going.

Plenty of sides have won a number of games only to fall apart when they encounter a blip as all sides inevitably do.

Even the Invincibles struggled when they finally lost a game.

If City do lose a game soon, we’ll have to see how they respond to that setback. Then we’ll know if they’re worthy of a mention in the same breath as Wenger’s greatest side.

But at that point, they will no longer be Invincible, will they?