For the first time since I was around six, I’m having Christmas without football.

It’s a strange feeling to know that there will be no Arsenal on Boxing Day, but rather than settling in with a ton of leftovers, liberated from my mum’s, to watch the host of football available, I decided to go with my girlfriend to her sister’s and get hammered.

It seems like the most sensible option.

I just wanted to take this time to say a quick thank you to everyone for all your support over the past year. I’ll have a more detailed update on a number of things closer to new year, but it’s safe to say that while the past five years on the pitch for Arsenal have been one long groundhog day, off the pitch, for me especially, things couldn’t have changed more.

Those who have followed the site since its early inception as ‘LadyArse’ almost 10 years ago, will have seen the changes I’ve made over the past few years and hated many of them. Many of those who don’t know the site from its beginnings have an impression of who we are and what we want to do far from what I ever intended.

There were reasons for the direction I took over the past five years which I’ll go into more in detail in that new year’s post, but I just wanted to say that things will be changing again in the new year – and I very much hope it’s in a direction you’re all going to love be much happier with, especially if you used to enjoy my daily blog.

Until then, enjoy the festivities and time with your family if you’re celebrating, no matter what you’re celebrating.

We’re taking Xmas day off, but will have people around for the whole holidays, so if you find yourself feeling lonely, reach out.

We’d love to hear from you either @DailyCannon or my personal account, @HLeeHurley.