Liverpool will fund coach travel to their match against Arsenal on Friday 22nd December, and will donate reservation fees to the North Liverpool Foodbank.

The game between the two clubs was originally due to take place on December 23rd, however, Sky Sports requested that it be moved to Christmas Eve. After strong objections from Liverpool, Arsenal and the fans of both clubs, it was agreed that the game would take place on the 22nd instead, so it could still be televised.

As a result, Liverpool fans now have to travel to London on one of the busiest Fridays of the year, considering Christmas is just three days later. Public transport is likely to be heavily disrupted, so Liverpool have tried to provide a solution.

Their offer, per the club website, is to fund coach travel to the Emirates and back, with fans paying a £10 reservation fee to guarantee their place. These reservation fees will be donated to the North Liverpool Foodbank, to help support local people over the festive period.

It’s a great gesture, one that ensures that fans don’t need to worry about missing trains (or trains being cancelled altogether), and people who would otherwise go hungry will be fed.

Hopefully Arsenal will do the same when presented with similar problems.