Martin Keown believes Jose Mourinho wants Mesut Ozil because he hates Arsene Wenger.

Ozil has been linked with United throughout the season.

The logic behind the link is that United need a new playmaker and that Ozil, who once worked without Mourinho at Real Madrid, would be the perfect choice.

Martin Keown feels there’s an extra layer to the rumour, as he believes Mourinho would be keen to deprive Arsene Wenger of one of his best players.

“I think Jose Mourinho would love for that move to happen, for two reasons,” Keown told the Daily Mail.

“One, because of the quality of the player, and two because it would be a poke in the eye for Arsene Wenger

“That rivalry between the two managers has not gone away.”

It’s quite something to see Keown describe Ozil as quality given he’s spent a good part of this season criticising him.

Ozil’s form has improved as the season has gone on, although his quality has never in doubt.

There are a number of good reasons for United to sign him, not least because he would improve their squad.

That Arsenal would lose one of their best players in the process would be an added bonus.

Ozil is out of contract in the summer, however Arsenal have reportedly offered him a new deal that would make him one of the best paid players in the league.