Jack Wilshere claims he wants to build upon his partnership with Mesut Ozil on the pitch so is this a hint that one or both midfielders are staying at Arsenal?

Despite Arsene Wenger originally claiming that Jack’s future would be sorted in December, we’re days one day away from Christmas and still none the wiser. However, the 25-year-old’s recent comments might give fans something to grasp onto.

During a new interview with Arsenal’s official website, the midfielder spoke about his on-pitch partnership with Mesut Ozil and playing in the middle. He said that he wants to build on it and continue working together.

To build upon this partnership, surely both players would have to remain at the club?

“I’ve said before that’s where I want to play,” Jack said.

“I like playing through the middle, whether it’s deeper or it’s in the number 10. With a player like Mesut, we’ve been playing next to each other, it makes it easy. 

“If you make a run, he’ll find a ball for you and with Granit sitting in behind it’s working quite well. We’re looking to build on that, we can improve definitely, that’s what we’re trying to do.

“When I used to watch my game, every time I picked the ball up I wanted to run with it, I wanted to hurt the opposition, but now I can pick my times. I don’t have to do it every time. Sometimes you can just pass and move in to a better position. 

“I feel like my time at Bournemouth helped me, I improved defensively, I’m not one who just dives in to tackles now. I try and pick my opportunities when the ball breaks. I feel good, I’m happy with the way things are going and I’m enjoying playing here.”

Squeaky bum time

Sure, I’m most likely reading into it too much.

The Englishman is probably just doing a standard interview about a pre-selected topic he’s been prompted on. Plus, just because Jack wants to stay, which he’s said a number of times before, that doesn’t mean the club is willing to take another risk on his ankles.

However, it’s something.

jack wilshere mesut ozil

Both Mesut and Jack’s contracts run out at the end of the season and fans are on tenterhooks waiting for news that one or both of their favourite players have decided to stay.

Some Gooners are resigning themselves to the notion that Super Jack might never become a first team regular at Arsenal. Meanwhile, reports claiming that Mesut is going to sign a mega-deal with the Gunners are doing the rounds.

All we can do is watch this space…