Arsenal have made the “Fandom 250”, a ranking of the top 250 fanbases in the world run by

The website ranks the fanbases of different sporting clubs and figures, entertainment, celebrities and brands against each other, to come up with what they describe as “the ultimate ranking of fandoms”.

Arsenal come in at number 67, which makes them the fifth most popular football team.

The four teams above them include two Premier League sides, with Liverpool at 57 and Manchester United at 43.

Also higher in the rankings are the fanbases of Spanish clubs Barcelona (32), and Real Madrid (28).

Considering the number of league successes those four clubs have had, it probably makes sense that they’d be so high up the list.

There were no other English clubs involved.

Fanside’s description accompanying Arsenal’s ranking mostly focuses on the ‘Wenger Out’ campaign and ArsenalFanTV, so it’s nice to know that the club is taken seriously overseas.

The fact that the ranking is run by Americans shows through strongly in their top choice of the Ohio State Buckeyes (the athletic teams that represent Ohio State University), whose fans I’ve never once had the pleasure to meet or see online until this very moment.

Arsenal’s fanbase probably had its most vocal presence online this year, which must help their cause on the list.

The home supporters haven’t always turned up for matches, but they’ve certainly turned up on Twitter and YouTube to complain afterwards.

Personally, I’d quite like to see that trend reversed, but to each their own.