During Arsenal’s 3-3 draw with Liverpool on Friday night, we took some time out away from the match to ponder what the Gunners are actually good at… not a lot it seems.

Arsenal were 1-0 down at the time and struggling to even close Jurgen Klopp’s men down. We were chasing shadows and little did we know it was only going to get worse before it got better.

At times like these, when your £35m forward gives the ball away for the 75th time in two minutes, your ever-reliable captain has forgotten how to run, Granit Xhaka has been replaced by an alien and Alex Iwobi might as well be sitting in the crowd, it’s difficult to tell what the Gunners are actually good at.

We used to be good at passing and good at scoring. Those were the glory days, when Arsene Wenger first floated down from heaven and taught Arsenal how to play football.

Then there was a decade where we were bad at scoring but still good at passing. It was frustrating but at least we were nice to look at.

Now we’re just ugly all over. No one can pass, no one can shoot, and no one cares.

Despite this, you guys on Twitter being the rays of sunshine that you are, came up with some pretty on-point answers when we asked you: what are Arsenal actually good at?

Spoiler alert: the top answer was ‘banter’ closely followed by ‘keeping managers too long’…