Arsene Wenger has once again claimed that Mesut Ozil wants to stay at Arsenal and Gooners are managing to work themselves into a frenzy at the mere notion.

After Wenger claimed that he’s sure that Ozil wants to stay in north London, fans have begun to put two and two together and many reckon this equals a new contract for the playmaker. But, how did they come to this conclusion?

Well, we had the official Arsenal Twitter account sharing Ozil’s best goals on Sunday after talking about ‘brightening up’ everyone’s day.

Although that was because the 29-year-old scored a worldie during the Gunners’ 1-0 win over Newcastle on Saturday afternoon, the club have been pretty cheeky with their announcements over the last year or so. Therefore, surely they know what they’re doing by leaving a tweet like that out there hanging before bombarding us with moments of Ozil’s brilliance while at Arsenal.

Of course, this could be nothing. Perhaps we’re overthinking it.

However, this, combined with Ozil’s level of engagement on social media compared to Alexis Sanchez’s does seem noteworthy. The playmaker continually tries to connect with fans and even if it is his media team doing so, it’s still noticeably more than Alexis.

The Chilean clearly wants to leave and although he manages to stop posting about his dogs for five seconds to make the odd seemingly obligatory Arsenal-related post, everything about the way he’s playing and behaving points to him wanting to leave.

Ozil, on the other hand, seems to be playing as if a weight has lifted. Ever since the North London Derby, in which he won Man of the Match, the German’s been more or less in top form.

Has Ozil put pen to paper on a new deal as the reports claim? Or are Arsenal fans getting excited for no reason again?

Here’s what Twitter had to say: