Continuing on with wallpapers dedicated to our amazing women’s team, this time around, I decided to go with a set of phone wallpapers featuring several stars from the current team.

Part of the reason we don’t do as many featuring the women’s team is the ridiculous lack of high quality photos available.

I’m always on the lookout for great images that I can use for wallpapers, but it’s really hard to find them featuring Arsenal women. I really hope that changes soon!

Anyway, on to the wallpapers!

Sylvain suggested I make a wallpaper of Jordan Nobbs and/or Leah Williamson so they both had to be included in this batch. I also added Heather O’Reilly, Danielle Van De Donk, Beth Mead and one of the four players all together to mix it up.

I really hope you like them. Let us know on Twitter if you’d like more phone wallpapers of the women’s team in future, and who should it be!

As always flick through until you find the one you like, click to open up the full-size image and right-click to save.

1. Beth Mead

2. Heather O’Reilly

3. Jordan Nobbs

4. Danielle Van De Donk

5. Leah Williamson

6. The Team