Arsene Wenger has no doubts about the late penalty against Burnley, and feels referee Lee Mason missed a penalty shout on Hector Bellerin.

Arsenal needed a stoppage time penalty to see off Burnley on Sunday. The incident has been deemed controversial by many who felt Burnley were hard done by, despite the fact it was a clear penalty.

Burnley centre-back James Tarkowski had pushed Aaron Ramsey over right in front of the referee. Arsene Wenger certainly had no doubts about it. He believes that even if that wasn’t a penalty, Arsenal should have gotten one earlier for a foul on Hector Bellerin.

ramsey penalty

“It looked from the outside like a clear penalty,” Wenger said, as reported by the Daily Mail. “I will have to watch it again but I think there was one of (Hector) Bellerin as well. I can understand if they are disappointed with it but from the outside it looked a penalty.”

Bellerin was tripped by Robbie Brady, a foul that could have easily been given by Lee Mason. Therefore, Arsenal could have been awarded two spot-kicks in the game, and there wouldn’t be any controversy about the manner of Sunday’s victory.

The general feeling among many was that Burnley had been robbed of a well-earned point. This time, there should be no doubt: Arsenal won a legitimate penalty in the final minute and scored. They could have had more too.

Burnley can complain about Alexis’ winner, but there was always a good chance of it happening after Arsenal spent the second-half camped in their third.

Perhaps a draw would have been a fairer reflection on the game, but Arsenal are certainly not going to complain about getting three points few expected them to get.