Petr Čech has only dived the right way on three of the thirteen occasions he’s faced a penalty with Arsenal, according to fan research.

Čech is still yet to save a penalty with the Gunners, as Sergio Agüero’s effort at the weekend made it 13 conceded in a row. Reddit user Barkasia analysed all of them and discovered the Arsenal shot-stopper dived the wrong way 10 times, reports the Mirror.

It’s a bit of a worrying statistic. If a penalty goes in off the post like Agüero’s at the weekend, it’s unlikely many goalkeepers in the world could stop it even if they went the right way. But when you’re consistently diving the wrong direction time after time you have no chance.

If you’re doing the proper research on where a penalty taker tends to go, you should give yourself a decent chance of thwarting at least one effort. So is Čech not preparing before the games? Perhaps players are changing things up when they face him to throw him off the scent, or maybe he’s just been unlucky.

Just as likely is it could be a confidence issue. Penalties are mind games, and when you know it’s been so long since you last saved one, that has to get in your head a bit. Maybe he’s moving too soon and players spot that and put it in the opposite side. Hopefully Cech will stop a penalty before long to put an end to this record.