Mesut Ozil will extend his contract at Arsenal if he gets the number 10 shirt.

The German’s contract expires in the summer, with few indications of it being extended. However, according to The Sun, Ozil is willing to extend, so long as he gets his favourite number 10 shirt – currently occupied by academy graduate Jack Wilshere.

The number is associated with the main playmaker in the team and has been worn by some of the most legendary players in the game. Ozil has made it a part of his brand, but he’s been unable to wear it at Arsenal due to Jack Wilshere.

Wilshere has had the number for years, while Ozil has worn number 11 since joining in 2013. The number might mean a lot to him, but I can’t imagine it being a deal breaker. You never hear of players leaving clubs because they couldn’t get their desired shirt number.

In addition, there are far bigger issues at the club that might prevent Ozil from extending than a shirt number. Arsenal haven’t held any discussions with Ozil about a new contract since March.

With no talks happening, Ozil has been continually linked with a move away from the club in January or in the summer.