Another big away game, another disappointment. At this stage, it’s hard to muster up any emotion other than that.

Of course, I’m annoyed that the officials missed yet another key decision, which gave the advantage to our opposition. Again. But it’s hard to really feel angry, when the solution to that problem (VAR) is just ignored by the FA, and we probably wouldn’t have managed a result anyway.

It’s also hard to act like I didn’t expect the strange team choice, the lacklustre performance from Alexis Sanchez, the goal to vindicate everyone calling for Lacazette to start.

It’s all exactly what we knew would happen, because we’ve seen it so many times before.

Even the offside goal is nothing new. It may not have been under our control, but it was very predictable.

For some reason, we let it all happen.

When Kolašinac was passed fit, that should’ve been the end of the discussion with regards to team selection, our first team were seemingly all available (bar Mustafi).

Instead, there were the usual few surprises.

Coquelin at centre-back, Lacazette dropped. We should have been shocked by decisions like that, but every week Wenger finds new ways to deviate from the team everyone is calling for, so it’s just normal now.

As it turns out, Mertesacker was ill, so he wasn’t available. But the solution to that is surely to change the system, not throw a midfielder into the back line?

The Gunners have played with a back four a couple of times late on in matches this season, they clearly know how, but they’re instructed not to do so.

It’s bizarre, but again, it’s not surprising.

You know what you’re getting with Arsenal.

Blind faith in the system no matter what, no faith in the players whose form should’ve earned them a start, and failure to win a big game away from home.

Every time we say “this is the chance for them to show us they’ve changed”, and every time Arsenal prove they haven’t.