It’s that time again: there’s an international break looming.

It feels like it’s only been five minutes since we last had an interlull. However, at least those matches during the second week of October were World Cup qualifiers. These new ones coming up from 10 November are only friendlies! (mostly)

Therefore, stay tuned for Cannon Towers to get even more grumpy.

Chances are the matches will be dull as no one will actually care about the result, and at least one Arsenal player’s leg will probably fall off. That’s out of the Gunners who actually get called up these days.

On the plus side, we’re due to welcome Shkodran Mustafi and Danny Welbeck back from injury after it’s over. So there’s that to look forward to.

If you feel the same and you like the international break about as much as the next person, which isn’t a great deal, here are 10 ways to keep yourself entertained.


1. Decide you like crap football

You could actually watch the games. England, for example, play Germany on 10 November and Brazil on 14.

Hey, we should be used to crap football since we have to watch Arsenal. Am I right? Boom boom!