Kevin Campbell thinks there are 100 players Arsenal could buy to fill the gaps in their team, but isn’t sure they will do so.

There were a couple of areas in the side that went unaddressed over the summer, such as bringing in a top quality central midfielder, a back up right-back, or a goalkeeper, among others. In addition, Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez could leave in either of the next two windows, thanks to their expiring contracts.

As a result, Arsenal will need to be busy in those windows, and Campbell thinks there are plenty of options the club could look at, as he told the Daily Star: “There are that many players out there that Arsenal could do with, I could name 100. But will they go for them? It’s a frustrating point for any Arsenal fan, the transfer policy at the club.

“If you want to be the best you have to go after the best and Arsenal haven’t done that in a dozen years. So I could mention who I like but will they go after them, who knows?”

If you’ve been an Arsenal fan over the last few years you can probably empathise with what Campbell is saying, at least a bit. Even the decent signings made by the Gunners haven’t always been the ones fans were asking for. For example, when Mesut Özil arrived, most supporters felt the club were already pretty well stocked in the midfield department. It was still an exciting signing, but not one anyone expected.

As a result of that kind of transfer business, Arsenal now have masses of players fighting for the same positions in some areas (for example, we’ve reached double figures for senior centre-backs this season), and almost no competition in others (like the wing-back positions).

If the Gunners want to avoid having the same problem in Sanchez and Özil’s positions next season, they need to get the pair tied down, or look for replacements as soon as possible.