David Seaman admits he doesn’t think it’s right that former Arsenal players who worked with Arsene Wenger publicly criticise their ex-manager.

Seaman explained that he simply has too much respect for Wenger to criticise him.

“I think the criticism from players he used to manage does hurt him, definitely,” the England legend told the Independent this week.

“The thing with Arsene is that he is a very loyal man who will always stick up for you, and who has stuck up for his players a lot of times. That is why I have so much respect for him and also why I know it will affect him.

“I just have too much respect for him to criticise. He should be allowed to just get on with his job, he doesn’t need me or others as ex-professionals having a go at him.”

The ex-goalkeeper was at Arsenal from 1990, when George Graham was still in charge, to 2003. Therefore, he worked under the Frenchman for seven years.

david seaman arsene wenger
19 Mar 2002: Arsenal manager Arsene wenger and David Seaman at a press conference ahead of their Champions League match against Juventus at Delle Alpi Stadium, Turin.
(Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Interestingly, we’ve not seen Seaman become a pundit like so many other former Gunners. Martin Keown, Ray Parlour, Thierry Henry, Lee Dixon, Alan Smith, Charlie Nicholas, John Hartson and Ian Wright are all regularly on our TV screens giving their honest analysis of how their former team – and manager – are getting on.

Arsenal haven’t been great this season so neither have their comments regarding their ex-boss.

Perhaps this is why Seaman finds it easier to hold his tongue about Wenger’s failings.

However, while some criticism is fair, there are certain comments that make me cringe and wonder how on earth they could say that about their former manager. Someone they know, or at least knew, personally and have an idea of how hurtful they can be.

For example, when Lee Dixon recently said Arsenal’s current problems are ‘unfixable’ by Wenger. The former full-back played under the boss for six years.

Is this completely disrespectful, as Seaman suggests, or is it just part of the game?

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