And here we are again – Mesut is back to being amazing and important!

A part of me was just waiting for the time it would be OK to make a Mesut Özil wallpaper again…and after that performance against Spurs , I’m happy to welcome everyone back on the Ozil-hype train.

Mesut was, is, and will be, in my top three of current Arsenal players until he leaves – if he leaves. This, of course, doesn’t mean he’s immune to any criticism from me, I’m not blind and I do criticise him when he’s not good enough. But, even if he has two, three, four bad matches in a row, I would still keep him over Alexis any day.

The North London Derby is a great example of when Mesut works best – when his teammates help him too. He can’t create chances when other players just stand around doing nothing. It’s when they all run without the ball, getting into great positions and wanting the pass, that’s when Mesut shines.

I know, it might come as a shock in this day and age when Golden Boots and Player Of The Month are so important, but football still is a team game, and Mesut is the perfect team player, especially for a team like Arsenal. Well, I think so at least.

Anyway, back to why you are here – the wallpapers!

As always, scroll through until you find the size you want and right-click to save.

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