George Graham talked about the moment his Arsenal team won the league title in 1989.

That season, Arsenal travelled to Anfield needing a win by two or more goals to clinch the title. A two-goal win would see the two clubs level on points and level on goal difference but Arsenal ahead of goals scored, reports the Guardian.

Alan Smith put the team 1-0 up, but with seconds to go Graham started to despair that it was too late, recalling:“In the last minute we were 1-0 up and I was a little low.

“I was thinking: ‘What a fantastic performance to come up here and get so close. Fucking hell.’ I was actually thinking of how to praise the guys to the media when we scored.

“Everyone on the bench was going crazy but I was still halfway down. Then, 100% changed in a second. They had won the title, and then lost it in a second.”

It would’ve been heartbreaking for that Arsenal side to leave knowing that just one more goal would have won them the title. That’s how it looked to be turning out until that last minute goal from Michael Thomas turned the whole situation on its head.

The goal was even more dramatic than Sergio Agüero’s for Manchester City – although the commentary probably wasn’t. Agüero and City just had to beat a team who had flirted with relegation all year and who had nothing to play for in that final five minutes.

It was still a dramatic conclusion, but it’s nothing compared to actually facing the team you’re fighting for to win the title, needing to win by two goals in their backyard, and managing it right at the end to clinch the crown on goals scored.

That’s drama.