George Graham has made a rather startling admission.

The former Arsenal manager of nine years has revealed that he no longer keeps up with the Gunners because there’s no point.

“I don’t bother because nothing changes,” he told the Guardian.

“What’s the point? There’s no board at Arsenal. There are questions they’re obviously not going to answer.

“I heard [chief executive Ivan] Gazidis say they were over-performing. Over-performing?!”

It’s almost shocking to hear such open criticism of the board from a man that was in charge of the club for almost a decade before Arsene Wenger was brought in.

Graham lead Arsenal to two First Division titles, the League Cup, the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

George Graham
LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 26: Arsenal manager George Graham celebrates on the pitch after Arsenal had beaten Liverpool 2-0 to win the First Division Championship at Anfield on May 26, 1989 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Allsport/Getty Images)

While the current board is probably slightly different to when the Scotsman was Arsenal boss, I imagine the 72-year-old has a better idea of what’s going on behind the scenes than us fans.

Graham’s comments reflect the apathy that a lot of Gooners now feel towards their club at the moment. It’s no longer anger or outrage, just… nothing.

When I watch matches, I very rarely find myself blinking an eyelid when we concede. I don’t swear or throw my hands up in exasperation like I used to.

It’s not necessarily because I don’t care, it’s because it’s expected. Even when we have a good run, it never feels like it’s permanent.

Arsenal are a decent enough team when they put their heads together but we’re not going to be challenging for the title this season. And probably not for a while.