FIFA could risk upsetting clubs with plans to expand the Club World Cup to 24 teams.

The annual tournament takes place in December every season and features the holders of continental competitions over the world plus the hosts.

It’s a compact tournament that only features seven teams, and typically features the UEFA Champions League winners and the Copa Libertadores winners in the final.

According to the S*n, though, FIFA believe the tournament hasn’t captured the imagination of the European public. Hence, they want to expand it to 24 teams and hold it in the summer.

The proposal was revealed by FIFA council member Reinhard Grindel at a meeting in India.

Grindel, who is also president of the German soccer federation, seemed to be against them, saying: “The players need rest and time for recuperation in June, FIFA should focus on the competitions for national teams.”

The S*n’s report doesn’t outline the criteria for participation.

FIFA would have to find an additional 17 teams from somewhere to fill up the tournament.

European clubs would be opposed to the change of format as they would want their players to rest.

Having international matches at the end of the season, plus a tournament every two years, is taxing enough on the players.

As for Arsenal, they might not have to worry about this too much, as they’re a long way off being good enough to qualify.

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