The Daily Cannon was lucky enough to speak to football agent Leoni Blokhuis, who boasts being behind the first paid Dutch transfer in the Women’s game.

In just a handful of years, her dream has become a reality and now Blokhuis has a large clientele in football.

The 33-year-old represents four players from Arsenal Women – Dominique Janssen, Lisa Evans, Sari van Veenendaal and Vivianne Miedema.

She told us how she got started, where her love for football manifested and gave some advice for other budding agents looking to break into the industry.

Leoni 8 preview
Dutch football agent Leoni Blokhuis

So, please introduce yourself

“My name is Leoni Blokhuis, 33 years old and I am from Holland. In the spring of 2012, I started FlowSports.

“In the beginning I managed several athletes, and since the summer of 2013 I started in Women’s football as well.

“I discovered how big my passion for the game is and decided to continue just with women.

Can you tell us more about FlowSports?

“I only want to represent the best players. I choose quality over

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“I want to be the best in my job and that’s only possible with the best players.

“After the Women’s European Championships last summer, I have added a sports marketer to my team.

“The company is growing, but most importantly we can offer more professional services to our players.

So, where did your love for football come from?

“I grew up with football.

“My brothers played football and everywhere they went, I came along.

You founded your own agency in 2012. What services do you provide to footballers?

“I offer the whole package, so players can concentrate just on football.

“I provide personal guidance, contractual guidance, finding accommodation, commercial guidance and career planning.”

How many players do you currently represent?

“Currently 22, including Dominique Janssen, Lisa Evans, Sari van Veenendaal and Vivianne Miedema from Arsenal Women.

Vivianne Miedema arsenal women ladies
Arsenal Women striker Vivianne Miedema.

“Most are Dutch players, but I have also players from Scotland, Belgium and Malta. I’m really proud to say I represent eight European Champions too.”

What advice would you give to budding agents just starting out in the industry?

“Be honest and treat the girls with respect as it’s their careers you’re managing.

“And only do it if you care about Women’s football and love the game, otherwise don’t get involved.”

How would you describe your approach as an agent? Are you ruthless and cut-throat or perhaps more laid-back and negotiable?

“I have a personal and honest approach, with business awareness and a familiar and open atmosphere.”

And finally, who is your tip for the WSL 1 title this season?

“It will be an exciting battle and I expect a close battle from Chelsea.”

Thanks to Leoni for speaking with us. We at the Daily Cannon wish her all the best with Flow Sports moving forward.