Arsenal apparently have the easiest Christmas schedule because they get the most rest during the busy festive period.

This season, each Premier League has four fixtures over the festive period – one more than last year, which means the football will be coming thick and fast this Christmas.

For once, however, Arsenal apparently have the easiest time, according to research from the BBC.

The Gunners’ four festive fixtures against Liverpool at the Emirates (22 December), Crystal Palace away (28 December), West Brom at the Hawthorns (31 December) and Chelsea at the Emirates (3 January) all take place over the course of 290 hours.

Or, in case you’re wondering, 12 days.

Now, 290 sounds pretty short – and it is – but when you compare it to some of the other Premier League clubs, such as Manchester United (215) and Leicester City (213), you realise that Arsenal get an extra 70+ hours of rest in total.

This appears to be because the clash against Liverpool was supposed to be on 23 December with talk of Sky getting it moved to Christmas Eve but instead they moved it a day closer, giving us more time to rest.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean much when you’re playing Liverpool and Chelsea in the space of 12 days, with the Baggies and Palace away, two fixtures we lost last season, in between.

Still… I’ll take any advantage we can get at the moment.