Arsenal’s social media team were obviously feeling a little high on life after the Gunners beat Spurs 2-0 on Saturday afternoon and proceeded to troll a Daily Mail journo.

Obviously feeling somewhat smug after the victory at the Emirates, Arsenal’s social media team took it upon themselves to get back at Daily Mail journalist Adam Crafton.

Crafton wrote a pretty insulting, tongue-in-cheek prediction of how the first North London Derby of the campaign would go, which included him picking Spurs’ entire starting XI for his ‘combined’ team and claiming that he believed the Lilywhites would thrash the Gunners.

“It’s a Spurs full house,” he wrote. “I was not intending to be incendiary when I started noting down this line-up but in each position I found my gut instinct leaning towards a more vibrant and exciting Tottenham player.

“Tottenham’s goalkeeper and back three is non-negotiable; perhaps Bellerin was closest to making the cut and ousting Trippier. Arsenal’s central midfield has been a weakness for a decade now. I am basing this on the form of players this season so Alexis Sanchez therefore does not make the cut.”

This didn’t happen. In fact, Arsenal were far better than Spurs in just about every area and won 2-0, prompting the Gunners’ social media team to reply to aforementioned Daily Mail piece with a winking emoji and red circle.

The fact that most journos didn’t just predict that Arsenal would lose this weekend but would be utterly humiliated by their bitter rivals makes the Twitter team’s trolling even sweeter. And it wasn’t just a lucky victory either – Arsene Wenger’s side fought from beginning to end and were the deserved winners.

Hopefully, we can take that performance forward and it’s not just a one-off. I’m not done laughing at journos yet.

There has been a massive reaction to this piece from journalists, most of them condemning Arsenal. Check back this evening for an in-depth look at who said what and how the whole thing kicked off. Could there be a reason behind it all? We think so and we’re trying to find out….