Former Real Madrid manager, Radomir Antić, thinks Alexis Sanchez would be perfect for the Spanish club, and would give them something they’re missing.

Antić, who also managed Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, among other clubs, thinks that Madrid need Alexis after their summer sales. He told El Grafico in Chile (via “For the way Alexis Sanchez plays, he is a player who brings things that Real Madrid don’t have at the moment.

“Not only for that, but also for the controversial departures of Morata and James. In these moments, since Ronaldo and Benzema are not working, he’s very much needed. Alexis Sanchez, in his position, is one of the best players in football today.

“I think that because of his way of playing, he would immediately have the support from the stands, because he not only plays when he has the ball, but he is also a fighter, he likes to participate. Also, something that Real Madrid does not have at the moment is the game with spaces and that’s where he is important.”

It’d be fairly difficult for Alexis to do worse than Ronaldo and Benzema have been doing this season. The pair sit on two league goals each, joint 46th in the La Liga top scorers list. That’s even after they both scored against Malaga on Saturday. Ronaldo’s goal was a rebound from his penalty, which was saved, so it’s been anything but plain sailing recently.

Honestly, Alexis hasn’t been much better for the most part, but his injuries, extended holiday after the Confederations Cup and uncertain future give him a bit of an excuse. Against Spurs, he seemed to be back to his best, boosted by the crowd and performances of his teammates.

Playing like that, the Chilean could go some way for filling the holes left in the Madrid team this summer. Selling Morata was always going to be a risk if the club didn’t bring in a top class centre-forward, as Benzema has never been particularly consistent in this regard.  Karim has only scored 20-plus league goals in a season twice and both times he’s followed it up by only scoring 11 the next campaign.

For Arsenal, losing Alexis to Real Madrid for a fee in January is better than losing him for free to Manchester City in the summer. But we’ll have to wait and see how things progress.