After Arsenal’s 3-1 loss to Manchester City, here are the five things we learned from the match.

Once again the Gunners failed to win in a big away game, and although the team were unlucky with a couple of decisions, they were still outclassed at the Etihad. Nonetheless, here’s what we can take away from the match:

1. 3-4-2-1 is here to stay

Apparently, even when the Gunners only have two centre-backs available, a three-back formation is still the method of choice to start a match. Even if Francis Coquelin has to play as a centre-back. If that isn’t enough to convince Wenger to try something else, he’s unlikely to change for anything else any time soon.

2. Alexis is the one who has already left mentally, not Özil

This wasn’t the Alexis who scored to help the Gunners to a 2-2 draw against City last season, nor the one who scored the winner in the FA Cup semi-final. On this occasion Alexis gave away the ball multiple times, was caught offside when he shouldn’t have been, and never looked at his best. It’s not hard to guess why…

3. Petr Čech still can’t save penalties

There’s probably no way Čech could’ve got to this one from Agüero, but once again he didn’t even go the right way. For whatever reason, Petr just can’t keep them out, and this was no exception.

4. Lacazette should be starting the big games

It was no surprise that when Arsenal brought on their £50m man, he was the one to put the ball in the back of the net not long later. It was a gamble to leave him out in the first place, and one I don’t think many fans want Wenger to make again in the future. Especially when playing a team who will score against you, you want the players who will get you goals of your own on the actual pitch.

5. VAR needs to come in now

Once again, a game of football was ruined by a very poor decision from an official, and one which could easily have been overturned in a matter of seconds. Until VAR is brought in, this will keep happening. That’s not to say Arsenal would’ve got a result if the goal had been ruled out for offside, but they certainly would’ve had a chance, given the Gunners were only one behind with momentum on their side.