Tony Adams has revealed that the only moment in his entire career that literally knocked him off his feet was when Arsenal won the title at Anfield in 1989.

Adams says that the only time he’s ever been completely overcome with emotion during his lengthy career was in 1989 when the Gunners beat Liverpool 2-0 on the final day of the season to win their first title since 1971.

“It’s the only game that’s physically knocked me off my feet after the game,” the former centre-back told Arsenal Player. “Not the actual goal, but the fact we had actually won.

“I just went down and the emotion knocked me sidewards. I just fell to my knees, I’ve never done that in the whole of my career.

“Maybe because it was the first one and no one expected us to do it, maybe the emotion just got the better of me. I just kind of went ‘Oh my God!’ and literally my legs just gave way.”

Adams was at Arsenal his entire career. In 1989, he was just 22 but had already been a Gunner for nine years. He had only been five when they had won their last title. Therefore, he knew how special that moment was.

Arsenal went to Anfield in 1989 needing a win by at least two goals if they were going to clinch the title from underneath Liverpool’s noses.

A goal from Alan Smith and then Michael Thomas in the final minute of stoppage time meant that Arsenal not only won the title but they did it in the most dramatic fashion possible.

After that, Adams went on to win the title three more times, the FA Cup three times, the League Cup, which he’d already won once, as well as the European Cup Winners’ Cup. However, it’s pretty telling that he still claims the only time he was ever truly overcome with emotion was during that victory at Anfield.