Former Gunner Rachel Yankey hopes to start seeing more female coaches in football.

Yankey, who’s coached her entire playing career, believes bringing up the number of female coaches in football is imperative to the game.

“I would like this to be the case and that is part of the reason the Fairer Game campaign has come about and why it is so important,” Yankey told Sport Industry Group. “It is not just about getting 50 female coaches working in women’s football, but to get 50 female coaches working in football – from grassroots to the elite level.

“The change does need to be embraced from the top of football, from chairman to academy heads, and only then can we fully break down these barriers.”

This isn’t the first time that Yankey’s spoken about her wish for there to be more female coaches, not just at a grassroots level but across the board.

In June, the ex-England forward, who is currently studying for her Uefa A License, spoke to the Independent about the lack of female representation in the sport. She strongly believes football should be a level playing field and, while it’s getting better, there’s still a long way to go.

As the 37-year-old says in her interview with Sport Industry Group, it’s not just about raising the numbers of female coaches, it’s about getting them on board across all levels so that females are represented from a grassroots to elite clubs.

It’s not about getting a certain number of female football coaches recruited for the sake of it, it’s about allowing them to get noticed for the job they’re doing, just as male coaches already do.

Yankey obviously feels strongly about this and I hope we’ll see her succeed in her aim.