It’s been 15 years since Wayne Rooney scored his first goal against Arsenal.

It was during the 2002/03 season that Arsenal visited Goodison Park in the middle of a 30-match unbeaten run.

Arsenal looked set to come away with at least a point, until a 16-year-old Wayne Rooney came on and scored a screamer in the dying minutes of the game.

It was his first ever Premier League goal, and the first of many against Arsenal over the years.

The Gunners visit Everton in October again, and could come up against Rooney once more following his return to the club in the summer.

On the eve of the game, Arsene Wenger had special praise for the striker.

“I still remember [that goal in 2002] because he scored against David Seaman,” Wenger told

“He came on and straight away you could see that this guy has special talent. If we speak about him now, it means that he lasted 15 years and at the top level that is absolutely exceptional – you need a special talent for that. Overall I think that sums it up well.

“As well [as Everton] he played long years at Manchester United and they were an exceptional side going forward. And Man United, especially at home, won always between 14 and 16 games and were an offensive force, and that is why he scored so many goals.”

Rooney has scored 11 goals against Arsenal over the years.

Many of them came in a Manchester United shirt as he helped them win several Premier League titles.

Rooney was rested for Everton’s Europa League defeat against Lyon on Thursday. That suggests he’ll be starting against us on Sunday.

Despite not being the player he used to be, you wouldn’t bet against him somehow scoring against us again.

Rooney has four goals in 14 appearances for Everton this season.