Arsene Wenger has once again called on supporters to stick with the team.

The manager believes fans today are too easily dissuaded by poor results and should be committed to supporting the team throughout the whole season.

“It is in the back of your mind to always prepare your team in the best possible environment,” Wenger told

“What is for sure today is that fans have a preconceived idea of how the season will be very quickly, that it will not be good.

“In football, even the best team in the world will have good or bad games. That’s why the most important thing at the end of the day is to convince your fans that having a positive season doesn’t depend on one or two games.

“You can only have a positive season if we are all behind the team until the end of the season. Then you can accept the verdict.

“It is for sure that to be in and out with your support or your commitment as a player, it doesn’t work.

“Top-level sport today demands consistent commitment on every front because it’s so difficult to win the games.

“I can completely understand that people are unhappy when you don’t win. You can understand that but as long as the game goes on, you want people to be behind the team.”

The fanbase hasn’t been happy in some time.

Good results are treated with scepticism, while bad results cause meltdowns as fans point fingers at everyone involved.

The negativity returned in full force after the 2-1 defeat at Watford last Saturday.

The game had all the hallmarks of an Arsenal defeat and compounded the feeling that this will be a long and difficult campaign.

Fortunately, the season is still fairly young. There is plenty of time for Arsenal to get it together and have a go at the title.

However, keeping the fans onside depends entirely on the level of Arsenal’s performances. Bad results are more acceptable if the team has played well.

Fans would also be more willing to consistently back the team if they knew they would see full commitment in every game.

A good win at Everton on Sunday will be a step in the right direction.

Arsenal need to end October well as they face very difficult games against Tottenham and Manchester City in November.