Arsene Wenger has spoken again on his stance regarding Barcelona potentially joining the Premier League.

Wenger has already made it clear that he doesn’t believe Barcelona should be able to join the Premier League and after speaking with French outlet, beIN Sports, this weekend, it seems that he hasn’t changed his mind.

“No,” he told beIN Sports, when asked if he wanted Barca to come to England.

“As soon as you disturb the geographical unity or common sense, I believe it would not be normal.

“Because why not invite Celtic or Rangers to the Premier League, who are part of Great Britain, it makes more sense than to invite Barcelona?

“On a second level as well, if it doesn’t go well politically between Catalonia and Spain, it would mean a stand of support for Catalonia from England which certainly would not be welcome internationally politically.

“I don’t believe it is a scenario you can envisage in a realistic way.

“And I hope as well that it will not go as far and Barcelona can continue to play in Spain.”

Barcelona could potentially join the Premier League after 90% of Catalonia apparently voted for independence. If the La Liga giants want, they could choose to leave the Spanish league and will therefore have to join a neighbouring one in France, Italy or England.

barcelona behind closed doors
BARCELONA, SPAIN – OCTOBER 01: Players of FC Barcelona celebrate after Lionel Messi scored their team’s second goal during the La Liga match between Barcelona and Las Palmas at Camp Nou on October 1, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The match is being played with empty stands after the events occured in Catalonia during the voting of a Catalonia independence referendum declared illegal and undemocratic by the Spanish government. (Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images)

However, as Wenger says, the Premiership is far more likely to welcome Celtic or Rangers before Barcelona but ultimately it’s not a good idea to bring politics into football.

The referendum in Catalonia has sparked violence with police brutality being at the forefront and Spain claiming that the votes don’t count as they’re not legal. It’s a messy, upsetting situation and while Barca can absolutely play matches behind closed doors for safety and not turn up to training in protest, bringing the fight further onto the football pitch by moving leagues seems like a bad idea.

It’s not something that Wenger, or many people for that matter, actually see happening.