Arsene Wenger’s had his say on Barcelona potentially joining the Premier League as Catalonia votes for independence.

Wenger believes that the Premier League are far more likely to welcome Scottish clubs, presumably such as Celtic and Rangers, before they introduce Barcelona after Catalonia voted for independence on Sunday.

“I will try to learn Catalan and if Barcelona wants to join the Premier League – it makes it even more difficult for everybody,” Wenger said.

“[But] I don’t think they are as far as that.

“It’s an interesting because development, will have incidents on the sporting side as Barcelona is a highly political club.

“It is interesting to see how they respond in the championship. We have enough clubs here, 20, if you want to go up to 24, but before we have to welcome the Scottish before we go to the Spanish.”

The comments come as a response to Catalonia holding a referendum on whether they should remain part of Spain, which has led to violence and their famous football team having to play their La Liga game against Las Palmas behind closed doors.

barcelona behind closed doors
BARCELONA, SPAIN – OCTOBER 01: Players of FC Barcelona celebrate after Lionel Messi scored their team’s second goal during the La Liga match between Barcelona and Las Palmas at Camp Nou on October 1, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The match is being played with empty stands after the events occured in Catalonia during the voting of a Catalonia independence referendum declared illegal and undemocratic by the Spanish government. (Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images)

The Times claim that they could join the Premier League as Gerard Figueras, the sports minister for Catalonia, said that the clubs affected will have to decide whether they want to remain in Spain or play for a neighbouring country’s league, such as France, Italy or England.

It wouldn’t just be Barcelona, it would have to be the other Catalan teams, Espanyol and Girona, as well.

As it stands, 90% of Catalonia have voted for independence, which means that they may have to leave La Liga. If they want to.

As Figueras said, it appears this will be down to the individual clubs. Plus, if they did want to come to England, presumably the FA would have a say in this and while having Barcelona in the Premier League will be a nice little earner, it would make it that less competitive, which is part of our league’s charm.