Tottenham Ladies’ captain Jenna Schillaci has compared their team to Arsenal, as you’d expect from any player in a Tottenham side.

Arsenal are the yardstick for Tottenham judge themselves against in my experience. For example, when the men’s team finished above the Gunners last season, they all seemed very happy with themselves, despite the fact they hadn’t achieved anything more than the previous season, going from top 4 to top 4, trophyless to trophyless.

The Tottenham Ladies team is no different, despite the fact that Arsenal Women are so clearly ahead of them. Arsenal beat Spurs 10-0 earlier this year, emphasising the huge gap, but in a recent edition of the i Newspaper Jenna Schillaci thinks they’re “ready to bridge” that gap.

She admitted that they were devastated to lose so emphatically to the Gunners, however, saying: “It was heartbreaking, but after the match we thought, ‘they are fulltime pros, training twice-a-day every day. We train three times a week’. The gap is so big we were never going to get near them.”

Spurs Ladies achieved promotion at the end of last season, but that still leaves them a league below the Gunners, so we won’t see another match between the two teams unless they draw each other in the cup again, or Spurs achieve a second promotion.

Meanwhile, Arsenal won their opening game of the top tier WSL season against Birmingham City, and probably won’t even think about Spurs Ladies until the day they’re set to face each other again.

The Gunners have more important things to worry about.