Mesut Ozil feels there is a campaign against him, according to reports.

The 29-year-old has been subject to all sorts of speculation about his future.

Recent reports have linked him with a move to Manchester United, while previous claims have suggested he’s demanding £300,000 per week to remain at Arsenal.

On top of that, there have been stories about his alleged lack of work rate in training and how his performances have been upsetting his teammates.

According to the Sun, Ozil feels there’s a campaign being run against him and has denied any reports about him wanting to leave.

The report carries quotes from a “friend” of Ozil’s, who said: “Mesut has not had any contract offer from Arsenal. There were talks about a modest pay rise last season but all those talks ended in March. There’s been nothing since then.

“At the time there was uncertainty over Arsene Wenger’s future so the conversations stopped.

“He has not been offered £300,000 a week — in fact, he has no offers on the table from Arsenal or any other club.

“And he is not seeking to become the highest-paid player in the Premier League. That’s not his aim.

“Mesut is adamant he has never spoken to any player about going to Manchester United.

“He has no idea if United want him but he wants to stay at Arsenal. Look, he just bought a new house in London.

“Mesut had been renting but he decided to buy a house because he both expects and wants to stay.

“But he is angry that people are briefing against him and feels there seems to be some sort of campaign against him. His intention has always been to remain at Arsenal.

“Mesut, though, does feel he is being isolated and kept in the dark. He is worried that there is a game going on and he is left in the middle of it.”

It’s rather curious that Ozil doesn’t simply address these rumours personally or, failing that, through his representatives.

He has done so in the past without needing a supposed friend to do it for him.

The lack of clarity surrounding his situation at the club is concerning.

Ozil’s agent claimed that talks over a new contract were going well with Arsenal, but these recent reports suggests otherwise.

Currently, it’s difficult to work out just what the situation is or what the future holds.