Sky Sports plan on showing two live games on Christmas Eve, according to reports.

Annoying two sets of supporters wasn’t enough for Sky, as they’re apparently planning on moving another game to Christmas Eve.

That’s according to the S*n, who write that Sky are keen to fill all available slots in order to maximise their investment in the Premier League.

Arsenal vs Liverpool, originally scheduled for December 23rd, is set to be moved to the 24th.

The plan sparked concerns from both clubs, who are worried about fan travel and staffing issues.

The opposition to the idea hasn’t deterred Sky, though, who feel they can make any decision they want due to how much they spent to acquire the rights to show the Premier League.

The Premier League has benefited from clubs receiving a significant increase in TV money, as this has enabled higher spending in the transfer market.

However, fans are feeling increasingly marginalised by the decisions of TV companies, while teams are suffering due to a lack of recovery time between matches.

The Christmas period is notoriously busy for English clubs and they may have to face the prospect of playing four games in just nine days.