Stan Kroenke has given his interpretation of Ivan Gazidis’ “catalyst for change” line.

The club’s majority shareholder gave an interview with the Daily Telegraph on the eve of Thursday’s annual general meeting.

In it, he explained that “catalyst for change” meant, in practice, “creating the best practices” off the pitch and improving the areas they need to.

“We have done a lot of things and will continue to,” Kroenke said, as reported by 101 Great Goals.

“We have doubled our people on the football operation side. On analytics, we have a central office, with really sharp PhD types watching the rest of the analytics trying to make sure we are creating best practices. We are building new ways of looking at things that we think will get us better.

“Yes, we have added (first team coach) Jens Lehmann, (director of high performance) Darren Burgess but just doubling the football staff doesn’t make it better. We think we are making it better and, as we identify areas that need help, we go get the help.

“It’s about the ability to be efficient and spend it in the best way to make your club the best.”

Gazidis dropped the sound-bite towards the end of last season, when Arsenal were struggling for form.

With doubts about the future of Arsene Wenger, there was thought that genuine change could happen.

Ultimately, the change was limited to some additional backroom staff, while Wenger signed a new two year contract.

Evidently, the manager of the team wasn’t an area Kroenke thought “needed help”.

So far, the analytics that the club apparently uses and the “new ways of looking at things” hasn’t made any tangible difference on the pitch.

These behind-the-scenes changes might make a difference in the long-term, but fans were looking for more immediate, tangible changes, either through a change of manager or more activity in the transfer market.

Kroenke did attend the AGM on Thursday, but once again decided to remain silent and not address the gathered shareholders and press.