Hector Bellerin has turned into something of a fashion icon since breaking into Arsenal’s first team three years ago.

The right-back often shares snaps of himself dressed in… eye-catching… attire.

Some fans get it, most of us don’t but the 22-year-old obviously likes what he’s wearing so as long as he’s happy.

However, after looking at some of Neymar’s get-ups, here at Cannon Towers we’ve realised that Bellerin’s fashion sense might not be as bad as we previously thought.

On one hand we have the Spaniard’s bright orange leggings, his aversion to socks, his commitment to layering and various garments of bizarre lengths. And who could forget that hairstyle at the end of last season?

However, on the other hand we have Neymar, who’s also allergic to socks, except when they have Will Smith on them, isn’t afraid of a bold pattern and occasionally wouldn’t look out of place at a fetish club.

What do you think?

I think Bellerin’s worst outfits tended to appear a couple of years ago so, other than the hair issue, he appears to be sorting himself out. Apart from the odd exception obviously.

Neymar on the other hand is still going strong and now he’s roped poor Will Smith into this mess.