Despite Arsenal’s horrific exit from the Champions League last season, they earned more money than Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

We couldn’t beat them on the pitch, but at least we beat them off of it.

According to the Evening Standard, Arsenal received £57.4m from their participation in last season’s Champions League – a figure greater than the £53.4m Barcelona got and the £48.7m Bayern Munich got despite the fact both teams progressed further than Arsenal.

Much of the money came from UEFA’s market pool, which is handed out based on the value of each TV market.

The money is split further depending on the number of teams each association has in the competition.

England had the most valuable TV market, hence Arsenal received a healthy amount of money despite having to share with three other clubs.

Juventus earned by far the most, receiving £98.2m.

Their run to the final, in addition to only having to share the money with one other Italian club, saw them earn a considerable total.

UEFA paid out £1.24bn to clubs altogether. Evidence, if it was needed, of just how lucrative this competition is.

The Europa League, unfortunately, doesn’t offer anywhere near the same level of financial reward.