Reports in Spain are once again suggesting that Arsenal want Karim Benzema to replace Alexis Sanchez next summer.

Don Balon seem very committed to the idea that Karim Benzema didn’t sign a new long-term contract with Real Madrid because he wants to stay there, but just so Los Blancos can get more money for him. It’s also being claimed Arsenal want him to cover the departure of Alexis Sanchez.

I’ve talked about these rumours on multiple occasions, pointing out that Benzema has never shown any desire to leave Madrid for the Gunners, and that Arsène Wenger rarely spends big money on someone in his thirties, if ever.

Petr Čech is about as close as it gets, and even he was significantly cheaper than you’d expect Benzema to be, if Real really did sign him to a new contract to drive up the price.

Of course, desperate times call for desperate measures. Perhaps the departure of such a key player like Alexis Sanchez could convince Wenger to change his policy on older players, or on spending money. But I just don’t see it being for Benzema.

If Alexis and Giroud both left, then maybe, but Benzema is not an Alexis replacement anyway, for me. From what I can see, they aren’t similar players, they don’t play the same position most of the time.

Tthe only thing they have in common is that they tend to score goals. Don Balon will have to try a lot harder to convince me otherwise.