Following Cesc Fabregas’ admission that he did throw a slice of pizza at former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsenal fans couldn’t resist giving their reactions on social media.

Football.London reported that most fans found the series of events pretty hilarious, even before they were confirmed by the culprit himself. It was the only positive to come out of that day in Manchester.

Arsenal may have lost the unbeaten run, Wayne Rooney may be a diving cheat and Mike Riley may be the worst referee to ever officiate an Arsenal match, but at least Sir Alex got a pizza thrown in his face.

Now that he’s confirmed that he was the one to do it, Arsenal fans have briefly forgotten that their former club captain moved onto Chelsea, and have heaped praise on Cesc for this most ‘heroic’ of acts.

Ok, so maybe some of these tweets take it a bit far, but it’s hard to deny that the thought of Sir Alex having his glorious moment spoiled by a pizza in the face is an enjoyable one, so we have to give Fabregas credit for making it happen.

Chelsea play United away in February, perhaps he could take it a step further and give José Mourinho the same treatment?