Alexis Sanchez has been in involved in more goals than any other Arsenal player since the start of the 2016/17 season.

This not-so-shocking revelation comes courtesy of talkSPORT, who write that Alexis has contributed twice as many Premier League goals since the start of the 2016/17 season as the next Arsenal player on the list.

Alexis has scored 24 goals and assisted 11 since that time, leading to a total of 35 goals he’s contributed towards.

Arsenal’s next highest contributor since then is Mesut Ozil, who scored 8 Premier League and assisted 10, leading to a total of 18.

The figures highlight how incredibly productive Alexis was last season and that he will not be an easy player for Arsenal to replace.

However, being difficult to replace doesn’t mean impossible.

Arsenal have lost hugely important players in the past and have managed to replace them.

Thierry Henry’s goals were replaced by Emmanuel Adebayor. Robin van Persie took up the scoring mantle when he left. Then, after van Persie slithered off, Alexis Sanchez arrived….eventually.

The expectation will now be that Alexandre Lacazette will take some of the goalscoring burden off Alexis’ shoulders.

All going well, that dependency on Alexis for goals and creativity will be drastically reduced by the time he leaves the club.

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