Chile are considering appealing their elimination from World Cup qualifying on the grounds of match fixing in the Colombia and Peru game.

Chile failed to qualify for the World Cup in Russia after losing 3-0 to Brazil on the final day of qualifying.

Had other results gone their way, they would have still been able to secure a play-off spot.

However, Peru’s draw with Colombia meant they were able to go above Chile into fifth on goal difference.

According to the Mirror, Chile will protest that result due to the possibility of match fixing.

Footage showed Colombia’s Falcao talking with the Peru players on the pitch with just a few minutes to go.

It was believed that he was telling the Peru players to settle on a 1-1 draw, as the result meant both teams qualifying.

Peru midfielder Renato Tapia later confirmed this, saying: “We were focussed on the game and then in the final five minutes the Colombians approached us.

“They knew the situations from the other grounds. The game was managed as it had to be managed. I spoke with Falcao and he said to me that we were both in, so there was happiness about that.”

Chile’s appeal is based on paragraph 6.3.2 of FIFA’s guidelines on match fixing, which defines it as “unlawfully influencing the course or results of matches”.

If Colombia are found guilty, they could be banned from the World Cup. Chile would then win their spot.

As it stands, Alexis Sanchez and Chile will not be involved in a summer tournament for the first time since 2014.