After the result at Watford, I wasn’t really in the mood for designing wallpapers, but hey, here I am.

I always come back, much like the majority of Arsenal fans.

What to say about last night? Especially that hasn’t been already said, either by someone else now or any other time the same thing happened. It’s hard to be an Arsenal fan quite often lately.

As I’m definitely not in the mood to look at current players, I decided to go into the past a bit and do some phone wallpapers of players that made us smile quite a lot. This is a desperate attempt to cheer the Arsenal universe up.

Yes, there are 2 more recent players, one even still at the club, but I think everyone has to smile just a bit when they see Rosicky and Santi Cazorla. Ah, how we miss Santi!

Anyway, here they are, hope you like them more than you like Arsenal at the moment.

As always, right-click to save.

1. Tomas Rosicky

2. Patrick Vieira & Sol Campbell

3. Tony Adams

4. Dennis Bergkamp

5. Ian Wright

6. Patrick Vieira

7. Santi Cazorla

8. Robert Pires