Theo Walcott and Arsenal have sent a letter to a mother and father who lost their son earlier this year.

The touching letter to Emma and Edward Herdman, posted on Twitter by Edward, showed a level of class that we’ve grown to expect from this club but nonetheless are still glad to see reminders of.

Although Walcott hasn’t had to go through anything like the Herdman family have, as the father of two children and as the inspiration for the child’s name ‘Theo’, he felt that he should send a letter to the family, which you can read below.

Regardless of what happens on the pitch, many fans support Arsenal because they see the club as something more than just what happens on the pitch. This is a lovely reminder of the good that the players can do, even if it’s only a small gesture.

The responses from other fans on Twitter continue to reinforce this point. The overwhelming consensus in the replies were messages of good wishes and condolences.

This message is one that we at Daily Cannon wish to reinforce, and hope that the Herdmans can find some comfort among their fellow fans.