Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho claims he prepares his clubs for future success, while suggesting long-term managers, such as Arsene Wenger, can be more damaging.

Mourinho believes that although he only spends a few years at a club, he always leaves them with the structure to be successful in the future.

“I prepare clubs for success. I think I prepare clubs in a way where, when I leave, the new manager arrives at a top club. And that is not short-term even if you leave,” he said, reports the Mirror.

“If you’re in a club one or two years – or any job – if you leave a structure to be even more successful without you than with you, that’s not short-term. That’s long-term.”

This sounds an awful lot like Mourinho taking credit for something he wasn’t that responsible for. He didn’t stop there, either. The 54-year-old went on to claim that managers who spend a long time at one club actually damage its future and leaves them in a position to fail.

“Short-term can be the guy that is at one club 10 to 20 years and when you leave the club, it’s ready for failure,”¬† he added.

There are only two recent examples of a manager staying a big club for a long time: Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson. Not everything Mourinho says is a dig, but he has often talked about Wenger’s long stint as Arsenal manager in the past.

I feel he’s incapable of talking about other clubs without alluding to the Gunners or the long-serving French coach. Every time he talks himself up, he always does at someone else’s expense.

Nobody knows what state Arsenal will be in once Wenger decides to call it a day, but I daresay the manager will leave the club on good terms, something Mourinho has rarely been able to do.