England Women head coach, Mark Sampson, has spoken after accusations of bullying and discrimination made by Chelsea forward Eni Aluko, insisting he’s done no wrongdoing.

Since making the claim in May 2016, Aluko hasn’t been picked for the England team and BBC Sport report that the pair haven’t had any contact with each other.

However, now Sampson has spoken out against the bullying claims, saying: “I’ve been cleared of any wrongdoing. There’s been no wrongdoing on my part.

“As far as I’m concerned, over the course of the last six months I’ve answered all the questions that have been asked of me, and done everything I can to make sure I’ve told the truth.

“These allegations were investigated thoroughly and now we’re in a position where I feel strongly that we need to move on and continue to work hard to bring more success to this team.”

This was the first time that the coach had spoken publicly about the matter, but as he says, there have been two investigations conducted to establish the legitimacy of the allegations and both have cleared Sampson of wrongdoing.

We reported last month on the news that Aluko was paid £80,000 by the FA in a settlement after her grievance claim, and also signed a confidentiality agreement not to talk about the complaint at the European Championships. The FA says this was to prevent disruption at the tournament.

As well as Aluko, we also reported that Lianne Sanderson put her career on the line to try and support Eni. Lianne told the BBC she believed when she was back from injury she still wouldn’t be picked for England. Sampson didn’t make any comments on Sanderson’s involvement in the situation.