Lucas Perez is delighted to have returned to Deportivo La Caruna.

The 28-year-old had a difficult time of it at Arsenal and was pressing for a return back to his home-town club.

He eventually got his wish, as Arsenal and Deportivo agreed a season-long loan yesterday.

According to the player himself, Arsenal had several offers on the table, but he only wanted to go to one club.

“I’m where I want to be,” Lucas said, as reported by Football Espana.

“I have a right to decide what is going to happen with my future and what I want to do.

“Arsenal understood that and I’m grateful to them. They understood my situation and the fact that I wanted to return home.

“Arsenal defended their own interests, they initially didn’t want me to return to Deportivo.

“They have reached agreements with many clubs but I clearly told them that my intention was to join Depor and no other alternative.

“I don’t want to give a number but in the last three or four days I spoke to many sporting directors and coaches. But I reiterated that my wish was to return to Deportivo.”

Lucas’ comments do match-up with what was previously reported.

Arsenal reportedly had offers from the likes of Newcastle, Everton, Fenerbahce and Bayer Levekusen, some of which could have paid them the £13m that they wanted.

That the transfer took so long to sort out was likely down to a clash of interests between Arsenal and Lucas.

That Arsenal eventually let Lucas have his way and return to where he would be happiest was nice of them.

It was the least they could do after signing the player, only to not use him throughout the season.

Lucas will now have the opportunity to play again and prove what a decent player he is.

The player will return to Arsenal next summer, but hopefully by then either Deportivo will have the funds to buy him outright or he’ll be more willing to move elsewhere.